Goddess Diana and Atteone


Project realized with the collaboration of five students of different ages and training coming from Rimini, Cervia, Bellaria, Ravenna, Mondaino.
Established the place to do the work, a parietal niche of dimensions 1.50 x 2.50 to be used as a fountain, we started with the design of a subject linked to the mythology of Goddess Diana and Atteone, reproponing the ancient cult of Diana tied to the Mondainese territory.
The subject was made with the direct method technique using natural materials such as terracotta and stone, cut with chopstick and hammer as an ancient tradition have been put into use with external glue.
The students collaborated in all phases of the realization and assembly of the work by learning the technique of cutting and installing the mosaic in all its phases: designing a work, choosing and preparing materials, cutting, executing with direct method, assembly…